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Devon was born in Santa Barbara, California, and grew up in California and Washington State.  He found his love for the stage after stumbling into a choir class in Junior High School.  While in High School, he found his other passion in acting.

After graduating, Devon spend time in Los Angeles and the Bay Area signing with a band, and eventually found himself in Seattle at the University of Washington's theatre department.  In Seattle, he acted in several shows and continued to work on his solo music career with many talented musicians, dancers, and producers.  Performing shows in Seattle, British Columbia and Las Vegas, Devon enjoyed a brief career as a pop/dance music artist, but acting was calling Devon back to Los Angeles.

By the end of the year 2000, the move to Los Angeles was complete. Within his first year, Devon landed a supporting role in a successful independent film.  Other film and television roles followed with an opportunity to write and develop his own idea for a sit-com pilot which was staged in 2003 and ran at the ACME comedy theater in Hollywood.

2006 brought an opportunity to cross over into producing, Devon joined the Skipstone producing team and began developing television and feature film projects.  Then in the spring of 2008, Devon joined his long-time friend, Lalo Vasquez and opened chapter 7 entertainment as a development production company. By then end of 2008, their first short "Promise" was completed and being submitted to the festival circuit as a calling card to the industry, 2009 was a year of promotion and festivals all over the country with several international festivals included. 

Currently, Devon has been coaching actors for auditions and workshop, and is focusing his acting energies on comedy. His love for sit-coms has never died and he is excited that 2011 has brought a resurgence of great half hour comedies back to the small screen.